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Why learn how to grow Cannabis?


Does anyone remember what it was like going to work around this time last year?

The roads were empty, the grocery stores were empty, and, in a lot of individual cases, the bank accounts were empty.  There were nationwide orders issued all around the world to stay inside your home unless it was absolutely necessary to leave.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most difficult challenges of modern history.  It has revealed profound weaknesses in our civilization, but it has also revealed great strength.  The whole experience leaving a lasting impression that should have us all considering self-reliance, and the scale of ingenuity it will take to tackle future challenges which will be even more difficult than COVID-19. On-demand eLearning courses, such as iCannaLearn.com offers, have become an important tool during the challenges of disseminating important knowledge and investing in knowledge.

Learning to grow cannabis, whether it is hops, marijuana, or hemp, is an excellent start on the journey towards self-reliance.  Alongside the knowledge required to cultivate these species of the family cannabaceae, will come the skills and confidence required to potentially grow your own food.  That being said, if you’re a medical marijuana patient without proper access to affordable medicine, you may find it interesting to know that, if you are able to develop your cultivation techniques to even a modest level, you’ll probably never have to rely on having to purchase marijuana ever again.

There are lots of educational resources on cannabis cultivation available to anyone who wants to look, and they are all uniquely helpful to your journey in their own right, but I’ve always thought that presentations from an experienced lecturer are a particularly helpful type of resource.

It is in this light that we are pleased to announce the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association’s (MCIA) Certified Patient Caregiver Program offering two certification tracks.  Exams and course offerings for this program are hosted by iCannaLearn, LLC. for MCIA, this program offers all inquirers affordable access to valuable learning tools which will assist them in the development of their knowledge and empirically verify their understanding of the course material with an official certificate of completion. iCannaLearn is a Missouri-based medical marijuana training company that focuses on providing education and web-based training to businesses and individuals in the medical marijuana industry. Certified Caregivers will also be issued a Letter of Good Standing from MCIA, granting them access to a variety of resources that will help you make the most out of your new grow. To help prepare the learner for the Foundational Caregiver Cultivator Knowledge Exam B in the program, I have published a training called, Foundational Caregiver Cultivator Knowledge COURSE, that walks through the MCIA study guide that equips you with the knowledge and answers you need to successfully complete Exam B in the certified patient-caregiver program.


Submitted by Jonathon G.W. Callicoat, Industry Enthusiast and Botanist

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